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S A R A H   M A K 

Castle Combe wedding

Welcome!  If you have found your way here to my website, my guess is that you are either a member of my wider family - showing an interest in my little world of photography or maybe you are looking for a photographer to take some special photos for you.  Whatever the case, thank you for stopping by.


A bit about me… I used to be a nurse and then a midwife, but deep down I know I am a creative person - that’s just how God wired me.  

Over the years, I’ve worked hard to develop my photography skills – watched loads of YouTube tutorials, studied other people’s work and perhaps most important of all I have practiced and practiced - perhaps on you.  


So, what’s my style? Hmmm, not sure of that, but I like to capture narrative and feeling.  I love candid shots, but if I’m honest I do pose people too.


I am married to a very attentive man who is super encouraging. Together, we have three lovely daughters, who get really annoyed with me always trying to take their photos. We live in Chinnor, Oxfordshire and although I am a northerner at heart, I would be very sad to leave this beautiful countryside.


My main experience has been in family portrait sessions, weddings and lots of events - pretty much anything that involves people.

About me

Sarah Mak
Siblings having a tea party for their teddies

"Capturing the moments of today that will move your heart tomorrow"



3a St Andrews Road, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England

Whether you would like to book a photography  session or just find out more about my services....I would love to hear from you

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